The Qur'an in BSL

The Qur'an, originally in Arabic, has been translated into almost every major language in the world, but it is still not available in BSL. MDUK is now committed to translating the Qur'an into BSL in the best possible manner.

The BSL translations from the Qur'an offer no explanation of the meaning behind them. MDUK will provide commentaries that explain these passages. MDUK will select a variety of academic resources and work with eminent scholars in the field to provide what we feel is the best, and most culturally appropriate, translation and meaning of the Surahs.

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Hadith is the saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

The Islamic Stories

The Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) gave us many stories. These stories give us many examples of how to live and behave. There are many stories about his companions illustrating their good character and extolling their virtues. Other people also viewed these early role models and wrote about their good deeds and these became embedded in our story telling culture too.


The MDUK are committed to include interfaith development for Deaf people to have a better understanding of faiths and also build a better rapport with other faiths and beliefs.

Catholic Deaf Association (CDA) arranged the CDA Conference "Many faiths, One God" in 2003 at Doncaster Moat Hotel. They invited the MDUK and the Jewish Deaf Association (JDA) members to be the guest speakers to talk about their faiths and cultures.

Furthermore, the JDA has invited the MDUK to talk about "Understanding Islam" in October 2009 at London.

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