About Muslim Deaf UK


Our History

Muslim Deaf UK informally started in 1988 with a small circle of Deaf friends eager to learn about Islam. They would often meet and share what they knew or learnt about Islam through their local communities and conferences.

Based in Leicester, the group started to grow and in 1994 they formed "Muslim Deaf Group" (MDG), the first national Deaf Muslim organisation run by Deaf people in the United Kingdom. It became a registered charity called "Muslim Deaf UK" in 2008.

Muslim Deaf UK provides access for socially excluded Deaf people across the United Kingdom and is deeply committed to supporting and encouraging Deaf Muslim from diverse backgrounds to empower and enable them to learn about their faith in a Deaf friendly environment.

The MDUK arranges regular events all over the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow.

They have provided training workshops for professionals wishing to learn about the Muslim faith and culture in relation to their work.

A range of events and outdoor activities were offered to include interfaith development for Deaf people at the Catholic Deaf Association (CDA) and the Jewish Deaf Association (JDA).

Media-wise, MDUK has appeared on BBC "See Hear" and the Islam Channel.


Our Mission

"To educate, empower and enable Deaf people to reach their full potential"



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